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What is NFTS? What is the use?

CoinDesk in Chinese One of the main benefits of real collectors such as digital collections relative to Pokemon card or rare cast coin is that each NFT contains uniquely identifiable information, which makes it different from any other NFT and is easy to This makes the creation and circulation of fake collections become meaningless because each item can be traced back to the original issuer.



Unlike ordinary encrypted currency, NFT cannot exchange directly. And because no two NFTs are identical, not even those that exist in the same platform game or collector.

We can treat them as festival tickets. Each ticket contains specific information, including the name of the purchaser, the event date, and the site. These data make the holiday tickets unable to trade.


Most NFT Currencys are built using two Ether Fang Currency Standards (ERC-721 and ERC-1155). Blueprints created in Tanfri allow software developers to easily deploy NFT and make sure they are compatible with a broader ecosystem, including Metamask and Myetherwallet and wallet services. TRON ,NEO and EOS  also released their own NFT Currency standard that encourage developers to build and manage NFT inside their block chain network.

Other main features of NFT include:


Unshandless: NFTs in different projects cannot be used alternatively.

The same is true for collectible NFTs such as game cards, trading cards.


Inseparable: NFTS cannot be split into smaller denominations like Bitcoin. They only exist as an overall project.

You can’t destroy it: Because all NFT data is stored on the block chain through the intelligent contract, each loop cannot be removed, destroyed or copied. The ownership of these Currency is also not advised, which means that players and collectors actually have their NFT, not to create their companies.

This has formed a distinct contrast from the iTunes store to the iTunes store. In the iTunes store, users do not actually have things they buy, they just bought licenses listening to music.


Authenticity: Another benefit of storage history of the ownership data on the block chain is that items such as digital artwork that can be traced back to the original creator, what make them can identify the work without a third-party verification.


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