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Top 6 most mobile games in China 2021

With the development of technology, the overall performance of mobile phones is getting stronger and stronger. Players can experience more shocking games on mobile phones. Today, the editor brings you the top Six most fun mobile phone games recommendation 2021 in China . Among the games introduced by the editor today for all players, it covers most of the game types launched this year…


In each game, a game world different from the real world is constructed for players, with rich gameplay methods. , So that the player’s gaming experience has been improved.

  1. “The Last Sword Two”

The Last Sword II is a horizontal action game with an ink and wash design style. In this game, the production team has designed a variety of game levels in which players can get a rich game experience. In addition, the simple operation in the game allows every player to easily reap the joy of this game. it is natural to ensure that the style of the game has our own characteristics.

  1. “Phigros”

Phigros is a classic music rhythm game. In this game, the production team has added dozens of different styles of music, and designed levels specifically, so that the music and levels are closely integrated. In addition, the exquisite game graphics in the game also allows players to get a better visual experience.

  1. “Space Kill”

Space Kill is a typical puzzle reasoning game. Players can experience the fun of Space Werewolf in different game maps with their friends. In addition, a very powerful voice system is built into the game. Players can make real-time voice calls with other players and feel the joy of the game together.

  1. “Badminton Master”

Badminton Master is a game that simulates badminton confrontation. In this game, the production team adopts a more realistic game style and adds a new talent system to it. Players can further improve their roles by improving their own character’s talents. The strength to better complete the badminton game afterwards.

  1. “Star Puppet”

Star Puppet is a casual dress-up game, in which players can create a brand-new 3D character image according to their own preferences and ideas. Players can design a variety of exquisite costumes for the character they created, allowing their character to show their own personality and express their unique ideas in the game.

  1. “World Catapult Story”

World Catapult is a two-dimensional development game. The game contains many different types of characters. Players can control these characters to play the game. The difficulty of operation of this game is very low, and every player can easily learn it. The rich game mechanics in the game make the game more playable and interesting as a whole.


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