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Top 5 war and fighting games of 2021 for Android and iPhone

Top 5 war and fighting games of 2021 for Android and iPhone


There are a lot of games in the Google Play Store, but unfortunately not all of these games are suitable for download. This is to avoid wasting time and to avoid wasting time and the internet today. We’ll review the best Android games for you. . Five of the best war and fighting games for Android without the internet. There are also games that require internet. Online games. Offline games that work on weaker devices because they are very small in size and can be played on phones with less than 1 GB of RAM. RAM. One of the best things about a variety of games. Action games, War games, Fighting games, Fighting games, Zombie fighting games, Strategy games. You will enjoy very cool games. You can play these games anytime, anywhere without the need for internet. Internet and internet games are also available.

TOP 5 best football games for Android without Net 2021


The first game. World War II – Battlefield :

This game is called Android. This is a World War II or mobile version of Battlefield. This game is a game of war and battle, the first team of 4 people and the second team also 4 people play against each other, the first team starts to cut the team, the second, there is a place where everyone has to protect by the team in front of them or the other team. The game is written in a pleasant atmosphere. There is fun and suspense, there is always fighting in the background and a very nice sound. I’ll give it to you, and the atmosphere is mythical to me. The game is one of the most important features of this game, and its small size is less than 300. Mega is a wonderful thing. The game needs online and in-game competitions, where you can have fun with your friends and participate together. The game has constant updates that you can enjoy at any time.

The game has so many features and, as I mentioned, the most important thing that distinguishes it is its small size – less than 300 megabytes. Also, the war modes and fighting games are its graphics that make the game enjoyable. They are mythical blue and gloves, and with a game of this size it is difficult to use. The game links below start from the second to allow you to download and install the game and enjoy and support it on your mobile phone.


The second game. ace fighter

This game is considered one of the most famous series available on Android to fight zombies, because this series had its first part since 2017. Anyone who loves to fight zombies will know this game well. It’s available in the Google Play Store. The download number is 100 million downloads, and it was popular. and this is a great thing with the special graphics in today’s game. The second part is the first part, but in a different way, because the graphics inside the game have been improved, and this is one of the wonderful things. What do you say when you enter the game? It’s about the levels where you can control the character and get inside.

An entire city and this city has a monster. You have to kill the little monsters to get past the big monster. One of the great things about the game is the missions. Inside the game there are a lot of tasks that you have to complete. You don’t know, it also helps you solve some problems, such as breaking and opening what you can’t open and then you will depend on yourself. It is very cool and is considered one of the best and most powerful zombie fighting games and also one of the fun things about the game is the graphics and small size of the game which is 500 megabytes.you can run this game is on weak devices, which is less than 2 GB.

The third game. Cyber ​​retro punk 2069

If you are a fan of strategy games or your dream is to fly a plane or control your plane or other games other than gun fighting games, you can play it today and it is the best airplane strategy game on Android. like this game or you don’t need the internet, you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, you will carry the replicas of a plane in the sky that will kill the enemies as a group of members will attack you from the planes. You have to detonate them all. You have to detonate them all. The planes in front of you, through the small ones that the game offers you, you can enjoy several photos in one place. To work and play on weak devices, if you have less than one phone in this game you here updates.


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